Design and development of powertrain mounting system

Zhongli has established a R&D process for vehicle powertrain mountings after years of accumulation based on the characteristics of the development of vehicle powertrain mounting system and components. Thanks to the capability of synchronous/forward design and NVH problem diagnosis of powertrain mounting system and abundant experience platform development of the mounting system, Zhongli has patented multiple powertrain mounting products.

Design and development of chassis modules and components

The chassis bears forces and vibrations from the transmission, driving, steering and braking systems. Among the chassis components, the rubber bushings and vibration isolators act collectively to ensure smooth and stable driving. Zhongli owns the capability of design and development on chassis modules and components by our high-qualified R&D team. Professional software is widely applied in the process of product design for analysis and verification, enabling accuracy and efficiency in customer service.

Design and development of trim system

Our design and development of interior trim parts focus on forward and synchronous design and development and is completed jointly with our customers. We are capable of analyzing CAS (Class-A-Surface) and completing product structure design.

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